Therapy for Young Adult Women


Are you tired of worrying about “what’s next” and feeling like you’re not living up to your potential?

Young adulthood may be viewed as a very exciting time in a person’s life, graduating from high school and going to college—or graduating college and heading into the workforce. Starting and growing relationships and moving from a parent’s home. Many changes in a short amount of time, which can leave some feeling scared and unsure.

Are you consumed with worry about what your future holds? Not sure the next steps to take? Maybe you’re struggling in college or trying to find your identity in this world. You may also question if you can ever succeed, or if this is just the cards you were dealt. Feeling like no one knows what you are going through and understand the trouble you face and the mountain you have to climb to success.

Whatever it is you are experiencing you are starting to feel that you can’t keep going on like this any longer:

  • Questioning your every decision
  • Not knowing which path is the right-back
  • Feeling like you don’t have what it takes to reach your goals

Setting out on a journey alone and with no direction can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Through therapy, I will assist you with gaining clarity on the direction you want to take in your life. Learn mindfulness and other tools to manage anxieties related to the unknown. Assist you with making your dreams your reality. Letting you see you have all the tools to conquer any change and be confident in your decisions.

You don’t have to doubt yourself any longer, you can define the path of your life today!


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