Therapy for anxiety, depression, and self-esteem for adolescents, young adults and women

Together we will reignite your fire for life, love, and happiness

A non-judgemental safe haven to learn, grow, and become a more authentic and confident you!

Is This You?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your future
  • Being unmotivated to make change
  • Constantly feeling anxious and depressed
  • Worrying things will never change
  • Saying to yourself “there must be more to life” or “I can’t live like this anymore”

Then you’re in the right place!

Counseling With Adolescents

As a parent you know being a teen is not easy. There are so many pressures experienced such as trying to adjust to all the changes in the body, anxiety surrounding school, social media, and the idea it all must be done “flawlessly.” These pressure can become overwhelming and before you know it they have retracted into their rooms never to be seen again. I will work with your teen to provide a safe environment for them to feel heard, understood while acquiring skills to manage stress and anxiety.

Counseling With Young Women

So now you’re officially “an adult,” now what? You have a journey ahead of you but no road map, no direction, no guide. Should you go to college, start working, take time to figure it out, but wait I need to start saving for retirement. It can all be very daunting to feel like you have to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life and how you can create a life where you are happy and successful in what feels like overnight. You can gain some clarity and have confidence in yourself knowing all the skills needed exist right inside you and together we will learn to nurture these skills for a balanced journey in life.

Counseling For Anxiety

Sometimes life beats you up leaving you bruised, battered, and with little fight left. You feel alone and you are questioning everything about yourself and asking if you can even reach the goals that you once set for your life. First, the answer is YES YOU CAN! Second, you have taken the hardest step by showing up here today, so take a deep breath! Now with my help, you can dig up some of those forgotten goals, dust yourself off and start living the life you deserve.